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Research PowerPoint Resources

You will use the following links to research information about your chosen topic. If you find another source you want to use for research, you MUST get it approved by your teacher before you use it.
Remember, to meet expectations, your research must pertain to the focus questions associated with your chosen topic. To exceed expectations, your research PowerPoint must answer the focus questions and also contain additional information relevant to the topic.
Social Studies: Lewis & Clark
      Focus Questions:
              1. Who were Louis and Clark, and why are they important in US history?
              2. In what years did Lewis and Clark live?
              3. What did Thomas Jefferson want Lewis and Clark to find during their expedition?
                        What did they do during their expedition West?
              4. What were Sacagawea’s contributions to the Lewis and Clark expedition?
      Research Resources:
              1.  Ducksters Biography
              2.  National Geographic Kids
              3.  Britannica Kids Articles
              4.  Sacagawea's Contribution
              5.  Lewis & Clark PBS Video              
 Science: Volcanoes
       Focus Questions: 
              1.  How do volcanoes form?
              2. What are the three primary types of volcanoes?
                    - Find at least one volcano in the world of each type and list its location/size/activity/dormancy
              3. What are the effects of volcanic activity?
       Research Resources:
              1.  Ducksters Earth Science
              2.  National Geographic Volcanoes
              3.  Britannica Kids Volcanoes
              4.  BrainPOP: Volcanoes
              5.  Volcanoes in the World