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Parents » Stallions Bingo Fundraiser

Stallions Bingo Fundraiser

Stallions Bingo Fundraiser


**Deadline Extended -- All funds due 1/14.  Prizes will be distributed 1/15.**


The Stewartsboro Elementary PTO is hosting a Bingo Fundraiser December 1st-December 17th. The fundraiser will help raise money to buy technologies for the school. In person students should receive their bingo boards by December 2nd. For distance learners you can find a copy of the bingo card, bingo informational flyer, and a bingo collections log attached at the bottom of this webpage. Each Bingo card has 25 spots with set dollar amounts. Your goal is to collect those dollar amounts and mark them off your bingo board. Once you complete an entire row or column you can earn a Duck-KEYS blind bag. You can earn up to 9 blind bags. If you collect all 25 spaces, you will be entered into the GRAND PRIZE. First place grand prize is a bicycle. Second place is $100 Target gift card. Third place is 2 free concessions every Friday for the rest of the school year. We will also be awarding a small prize to any student that collects at least one spot. These awards will be given at the end of the fundraiser. These include- small slimes, bracelets, scrunchies, notepads and other small prizes. The class that raises the most money will be awarded a pizza party. The highest earning class in each grade will win a popcorn party!


You may collect cash donations, check (payable to Stewartsboro PTO), or PayPal. PayPal donations can be sent to IF SOMEONE DONATES VIA PAYPAL THEY MUST INCLUDE THE STUDENTS NAME AND TEACHER IN THE NOTES SECTION, that way we can allocate the donation to the correct student. When donating via PayPal you may see the name Nikki Rankin, this is our PTO President who is handling the account.


Distance learners must turn in their collection log and envelope of money by December 17th to guarantee your prizes before winter break. You may pick up your prizes on December 18th.

In person learners may turn in their collection log whenever they complete a row or column. We have stapled a yellow envelope to the collection log. Please put all your cash and check donations in this envelope and leave them stapled together and turn them both in to get your prize. Prizes will only be given if all monies are verified via cash, check, or PayPal. PLEASE indicate how each donation was paid on your collection log. We will TRY and return the collection log and prize the following day. December 17th is the last day to turn in all donations to guarantee your prizes before winter break.


If you have any questions you can reach out to the PTO via email at or via our Facebook- Stewartsboro PTO.