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Welcome to Dr. Street's Classroom

  Welcome to Dr. Street's Classroom Webpage!   
 REMINDER:   Only CLEAR, Unflavored water is allowed in the classroom, and please be sure that it is in a spill-proof container.  
BEING VERBS!   First round of testing for Being Verbs did not go so well.  I'll be calling up students to give them a 2nd chance to recite their Being Verbs this week!  Each student has been given a list of Being Verbs they need to memorize, because not all verbs are ACTION words.  Beginning in December, I will have them recite the list to me for a grade.  Please begin studying the list now!!   The list is also on this site under the "Being Verbs" link. 
The Next Research Paper/Speech Due Date is:   March 14th
 Bonus Question:  has been moved.  can you find it?    
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