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Hispanic Heritage Day

Hispanic Heritage Day at the Discover Center in Murfreesboro will take place on Sunday 9/18 from 11 am - 4 pm. Admission is free. Click to see a flyer.

22-23 Covid Policy

RCS Nursing department is recommending families follow the CDC guidelines for quarantine. CDC is recommending quarantine for 5 days beginning on the first day of symptoms, unless otherwise directed by a doctor. After the 5 day quarantine, the CDC recommends wearing a mask for five days.

RCS follows the attached fever policy. Students can return to school when they have been fever-free for 24 hours without fever reducing medications. If a student doesn't have a fever and returns to school during the first five day quarantine, it is recommended they wear a mask during that time in addition to the five days after quarantine. While it is not required to a wear a mask, as with all illnesses, we would like to reduce the spread of COVID and thus recommend it if positive or in the quarantine period.

Click for more information on our Fever & Suspected Communicable Diseases Policy.

Universal Behavior Screening

The universal behavior screening tool, called the SRSS - IE (Student Risk Screening Scale - Internalizing and Externalizing) is a checklist completed by a classroom teacher two to three times per year.  Students are not directly involved in the screening process. The screener is used by schools to determine overall behavior strengths and needs in the school.  Results may also be used in conjunction with other data to identify potential supports for students, such as mentoring, social skills groups, study skills, or other instructional supports to help them engage positively in learning.  You will be notified by the school if your child is provided with additional supports. Please contact your child’s school if you have any questions regarding this screening. You may opt out of including your child in this screening by completing the Student Data Verification in the Skyward Family Access Portal.


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