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Rutherford County Schools is committed to helping all children succeed.  We have many ways to help children who are struggling to learn and who need additional supports to be successful.  Response to instruction and intervention is one form of support we offer in all schools.
What is RTI?
RTI = Response tIntervention
RTI is a process focused on prevention and early intervention that uses multiple sources of data for instruction, differentiation, intervention, and transitions between tiers. The information collected from skill based universal screeners, additional sources of data, and survey-level and/or diagnostic assessments together inform important decisions about student learning. 
Effective Instruction  are standards based, differentiate, and anchored in contextual problems and authentic complex texts to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills in addition to strong academic and technical content knowledge.
The effectiveness of the intervention should be progress monitored to ensure that it is helping the student reach a goal.


Ring Toss Addition or Multiplication

This is a Ring Toss game that will help your child practice addition or multiplication.

Scrambled Vocabulary or Sight Words Activity

This activity will help build your child's vocabulary and learn new sight words. You only need paper, marker or pen, dictionary, and magnetic letters.

Fact Families Activity (2nd and 3rd Grade)

This activity will help children with mastery of addition and subtraction or multiplication and division.

Addition Card Game

This is a two digit addition card game. Players try to get as close to one hundred as they can. The person closest to one hundred gets a point. Play continues until one player reaches the determined amount of points to win.

"Mystery Bag" - Main Idea or Central Idea Activity

This activity can be used to introduce or reteach the main idea or central idea.

What's the Value of My Egg Activity (Resource for Students during COVID19 - Week of April 6, 2020)

If your children like Easter egg hunts, then they will enjoy this activity. This activity reinforces the skill of counting values of coins to a dollar and also includes an extension of the activity to get children thinking.