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Welcome to Mr. Brunner's Visuals Art Website !

Welcome to Visual Arts.
Below are some fun art activities you can do in your free time.
Remember to Dojo pictures to me of what you make.
Art Apps for your Smart Device.
If you have a smart device and would like to explore art options other than those below, you’re more than welcome to! Take a screen shot of your creations and email or Dojo them to me!
Some apps you can create on are (FOR FREE):
•Sketchbook (digital art/ drawing)
•Adobe Spark (easy graphic design)
•Adobe Lightroom (great photo editing! How crazy can you make a photo?)
•Paint Color (a fun color by number app, very relaxing!)
• 3D (literally 3D virtual pottery!)
•Pixel Art-Color By Number (exactly what it sounds like)
•Polysphere-Art of puzzle (very cool art puzzle game)
•Stencil Art-Spray Masters (Spray Paint art)
•Woodturning 3D (virtual wood-making)
The Dot
This link sends you to the read aloud of the story "The Dot". It's an awesome example about never giving up.          
Arty Crafty Kids | Art | Kandinsky Inspired Rock Art | A fun interpretation of Kandinsky's famous conecentric circles. A great way for kids to learn about famous artists and create their own colouful nature art with rocks.   
Rocks can be a fun object to paint and color on. Find a rock that looks cool. Clean it. You can paint on it, color with markers or any ink or soft coloring material.
Here is a link to a more detailed version for a rock painting activity.
Shadow drawings are great because you can make them inside or OUTSIDE!
Shadow drawing 
All you need is an object, some paper something to draw with and SUN LIGHT.
Any object will do, even yourself.
Place your object and paper so the Sun casts a shadow on it. Then trace the shadow.
After, you can add more drawing or color it.
Below is a link to a detailed lesson.
and a YouTube video
Just want to color?
Here are a TON of coloring pages from Crayola.
Here are a couple of links for making paint. They use stuff from around the house and most of it is actually food based.
The Tate museums are in England. They offer people an experience in British Art.
Their kids website has lots of activities and Art.
Art with Mati and Dada is a nice compilation of cartoons on YouTube. Every episode they visit a new artist in order to learn something about them. Click on the picture below to go straight to YouTube.
Flip books are a fun and easy way to make your own "cartoon". Small pieces of paper work best and they should be a little stiff. Also, a stack of sticky notes can work. 
How to MAKE A FLIPBOOK - YouTube
Click on the picture above for a tutorial video on YouTube.